About Nidzara

Nidzara Horozovic
BA(Hons), PgDip,
Transformational coach

Nidzara has been teaching yoga since 2003. Through her immersed practice in Tantra, Kriya, Chakra (Kundalini) and Raja Yoga, she continues to advance her knowledge and understanding of how our bodies work to rejuvenate once we open the channels to our inner being. Her interest in and love of ancient scriptures led her to further study Vedanata and Advaita philosophies. Nidzara has a deep and long relationship with Ayurveda which is an integral part of her life and spiritual practice, A Certified Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, Nidzara knows first-hand the benefits of these ancient practices that can bring health and wellness to any person who tries it. Several years ago, she found out that her father was seriously ill and Nidzara engaged in conversations about Ayurveda and how to apply it to her dad’s daily life, which in turn helped her dad stay as healthy as possible. Through this process of applied Ayurveda, her whole family felt encouraged to keep a positive outlook. Nidzara would like to assist you in your process of journeying through the space of inner knowledge, so that you may discover bliss and peace. It is in that space of inner peace that you can reach a transformation, and that is a great passage that we all go through and where we find infinite abundance. 

Interest in Ayurveda and Yoga took Nidzara all over the world, she attained her qualifications with Sivananda Vedanta Yoga Alliance in the Bahamas and Austria. She has advanced qualifications in Chakra Course (Kundalini), Kriya and Prana Vidya.
Nidzara is a Qualified Ayurveda Therapist and Ayurveda Lifestyle and Diet Practitioner. She also has qualifications in the Strategic Life coaching. 

She works and lives in London and runs Yoga Retreats in Croatia. 

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