JustBeLoveAndLight supports people to reconnect with their inner wisdom and become empowered, all through use of ancient sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga but also Holistic Life coaching using Strategic Intervention techniques. 


By helping you learn how to focus on sharpening your senses and energising your whole being in a holistic way, we support you in a process of achieving a balanced life and longevity. JustBeLoveAndLight supports you every step of the way as you go about your everyday life and work to change one thing at a time at your own pace. This simple and essential process can have long-term benefits as you elevate your self-love and self-care. The key reward for your effort is the awareness, rekindled knowledge or remembrance really of your unique gifts. The world needs your one of a kind vibration and gifts right now.  


An additional side effect of this process, is that all that you achieve through elevating your awareness and becoming more at home within your own body, all of those around you will also benefit from your self-love. It is a ripple effect that can trickle down to your loved ones and spill over into communities.  


It is our mission to spread the ancient science of longevity and adapt it to your specific and never-before-existen vibration that exists only in your DNA. One person at a time, we can help people infuse their life with Yoga and Ayurveda so that as many people can benefit from it as possible. We are honored that you chose JustBeLoveAndLight to support you on this beautiful journey.

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Upcoming Events

    Sat, 18 May
    Le Petit Corner café
    "Align Your Body, Mind and Soul"

 ~ Body movement: gentle yoga to open us up and get curious - what is our body telling us! 
~ Breath work: slow down our mind chatter and give us focus 
~ Deep relaxation: hear our soul whispers 



Nidzara has been teaching yoga since 2003. She has a deep and long relationship with Ayurveda which is an integral part of her life and spiritual practice. A Certified Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda practitioner, Nidzara knows first-hand the benefits of these ancient practices that can bring health and wellness to any person who tries it. She has advanced qualifications in Chakra Course (Kundalini), Kriya and Prana Vidya and is Qualified Ayurveda Therapist and Ayurveda Lifestyle and Diet Practitioner.


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